Chedi Thai Bistro has been participating San Diego Restaurant Week events consistently since 2010 and we continue to do so this time. 

For this Sept 2015 event, we are bringing out of "very Thai" side of the kitchen to show off several authentic Thai dishes as the highlights.  Several popular dishes are added to this restaurant week menu to give you great selections on our one-page menu.

Choo Chee Salmon is our main dish for the dinner menu. Choo Chee is very well known dish for Thais.  It is a twisted curry dish - not exactly a curry dish, but it is based on a curry dish.  With the Thai name, many will have no clues what to expect, but once you see its picture, you will only want to try it out.

Thap Thim Krob and Kuai Buat Chi are the two traditional Thai desserts brought into this restaurant week for the first time.  Thais know them both very well and many simply wants to have a bite on them; they are not what you can find in San Diego.  We are so proud to serve them to you.

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