Chedi Thai Bistro in La Jolla - an authentic gourmet restaurant

March 4, 2011 2:03 PM MST

A feast for the eyes and stomach.

Chedi Thai Bistro is a respite in La Jolla. Owner and Chef Pia Kampuntip, offers up authentic gourmet Thai cuisine in a relaxed environment. Her goal in opening the restaurant was to bring the tastes of her homeland, Chaing-Mai, Thailand, to California in a new and different manner. At Chedi you will discover the finer foods known to native Thai at a reasonable price.

Pia’s formal training in interior design at UCLA combined with her love for food have created a relaxed and welcoming ambiance highlighted with authentic Thai décor. Many of the items in Chedi are from Thailand including the light fixtures and pagodas. The translation of Chedi is ‘pagoda’ and to reflect it’s namesake there are three stunning pagoda’s saluting each guest as they walk through the massive entry glass doors.

When asked about the location choice in La Jolla Pia answered, "There’s no doubt that La Jolla is one of the best attributes of San Diego, when it comes to dining. Many come to La Jolla to gain an elegant and sophisticated dining experience. When we looked around San Diego for a location, La Jolla was the perfect place to complement the contemporary Thai dining experience."

Pia brings 20 years of chef experience to Chedi. Her food choices at Chedi are presented in an esthetically pleasing manner, full of color and artistic creation. Each bite is delicious and unveils complex flavors. A few of the signature dishes include Thai Crispy Calamari, Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass and Pad Thai with Shrimp. When you visit Chedi Thai Bistro, don’t miss out on these dishes!

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