Spice Up Your Life

There is a misconception that Thai food has to be extremely spicy. This is not entirely true. The dishes at Chedi Thai Bistro are marked on the menu with three stars, ranging from mild to spicy. The level of spice is a recommendation from the chef as the best way to bring out the flavor in that particular dish. The food does not have to be spicy to be good; in fact some of the best dishes are just the opposite.

Absolutely en"THAI"cing

Chedi (jeh-dee) Thai Bistro brings the heart and soul of Thailand into every dish and offers a welcoming setting to every visitor. Owner and Chef, Sutharian “Pia” Kampuntip masters true elegance at Chedi Thai Bistro. The food and quality is finer than most Thai restaurants and the ambiance combines an ancient look and feel true to Thai culture.

Pia is proud to serve her Thai dishes with elegance, as Chedi Thai Bistro resembles high end and glamorous restaurants typically found in Thailand, yet without the cost of high-end dining. Most American Thai “hole in the wall” restaurants offer dishes similar to the street food in Thailand and it’s Chedi’s modern feel and carefully combined flavors presented in each dish that sets them apart. Contemporary décor is combined with actual statues and light fixtures directly from Thailand, creating a true replication of the culture’s cuisine, tradition and history.

Experience contemporary Thai dining served in a modern, yet traditional setting and enjoy the true essence of Thailand at Chedi Thai Bistro.

The meaning of Chedi is “pagoda”. A pagoda is a statue that acts as a symbol to echo the Thai culture. Upon entering Chedi Thai Bistro, three gorgeous pagodas greet you, as a reminder of the rich Thai culture you will experience throughout your dining experience.

Fresh Flavors of Thailand

Chef & Owner Pia enlivens every table with tantalizing creations set off by an explicitly modern atmosphere, demonstrating that a true dining experience begins with a textured ambiance and delicately balanced palate. To experience the perfect balance of flavors from Thailand, diners must try Chedi Thai Bistro’s signature dishes:

Marinated calamari and red onions cooked in sweet roasted chili sauce and topped with crunchy fried Thai basil

Rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, tofu, chopped peanuts with tamarind sauce

Sautéed wild mushrooms, kaffir lime and soy

Traditional Thai taro custard served with vanilla bean ice cream

Best $10 Lunch in La Jolla on M - F 11am to 3pm

Happy Hour with $3 Beer, $4 Appetizer, and $5 Wine between 5pm - 7pm everyday*